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Copyright Transfer Form

An AIP copyright transfer form can be downloaded here >>

One copyright transfer form must be filled out for each manuscript and a signed version has to be submitted online during the full paper upload.

Please check with your company/institute as soon as possible whether you are allowed to sign the licence agreement!

And make sure:

    Title needs to be exactly the same as in paper PDF
    All authors and co-authors have to be listed
    Order of authors: same order as in paper PDF
    Add the editors: Marc Steiner, Ignacio Anton, Myles Steiner
    Add the conference title: CPV-14

Please see the licence checklist for details. The upload system for the agreements will open soon.

Imprint & Data Protection

Dates and Deadlines

Deadline of full paper upload: April 13, 2018
CPV-14: April 16-18, 2018


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