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CPV-14 Keynote Speakers

Michihiko Takase

Michihiko Takase
Connected Solutions Company, Panasonic Corporation

"Light Plastic Integrated Micro CPV Module: PIC"

Michihiko Takase studied vacuum deposition processes in Hyogo, Japan, and received his master’s degree of Engineering from Himeji institute of Technology. His professional career started in 1992 at Panasonic and engaged in developing of ultra-low energy ion doping and plasma doping process for an ultra-fine CMOS and vacuum process of a plasma display panel. As lecturer of ultra-shallow junction, he was invited to Semiconductor Research Seminar sponsored by Prof. J. Nishizawa in 2000. He was also in charge of stating up and improving the yield of the mass productions of plasma display, micro wave, and so on. He is a project manager of CPV which is supported by NEDO as a Japanese national project.

Scheduled: Wednesday, April 18, 11:20

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